Directions Home

Help fund G3N3RIC’s debut album ‘Directions Home’ and support artists in the community w/ Sketch!
I’ve been exploring the idea of home and I’ve written an album about it called ‘Directions Home.’ Each song is a stage of growth, moving from rejection to belonging. I’ve worked hard on these songs, played them live, and I’m ready to go into the studio to record.

Now I need your help to share it with the world.

Check out my indiegogo campaign to help give the world ‘Directions Home.’

***UPDATE*** The campaign has reached its goal! Huge thanks to everyone who already contributed. The campaign is now ‘In Demand’ which means you can still support the album by contributing to the campaign. Note that 50% of donations will now go to Sketch to support artists in the community. For more information check out the campaign on IndieGoGo!

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