Did Jack White Just Cry on the Tonight Show?

The other day I caught Jack White’s performance on the Tonight Show as he was promoting his Acoustic Recordings album. While it was certainly cool to hear some of the old White Stripes songs acoustically, it was the emotion in the performance that really struck me.

Now, I had heard You’ve Got Her in your Pocket before, but I never heard it like I did watching him do it live and acoustic. There was so much emotion in each line that I could really imagine Jack going through this journey that he describes, a journey of opening up to a new perspective.

But it was the final moment of the performance, just as I was thinking to myself, “Wow, that was an emotional song!” when I noticed him do something that shocked me. Just after Jimmy Fallon came out and told the audience to buy the record, it appeared that Jack wiped a tear from his eye. Seriously, watch for yourself!

I did spend a little time contemplating whether or not it was authentic, but ultimately I think that, either way, that performance had a serious impact.

As artists we are all trying to express our emotions, to bring out what’s inside of us. Jack White got that across with his performance that night. Now the question I ask myself (and you should ask yourself if you are an artist) is, “Can I deliver a performance so powerful it brings me to tears?”

Time will tell.


Let me know your thoughts! Have you ever been moved in such a way by your own art? Post a comment below to share your story.


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