Folk rock that strums the heartstrings and feeds the soul. Eric Sorenson, the Toronto-based singer-songwriter behind G3NERIC, writes original songs that are both dark and uplifting. A multi-instrumentalist firmly rooted in the folk tradition, Sorenson is strongly influenced by artists like Tom Waits, Hayden, and Harry Nilsson. A self-proclaimed ‘melancholic optimist,’ Sorenson songs reflect a playfully serious perspective, a striving for light even in the darkness.

Sorenson is currently preparing to release his debut album, Directions Home, a concept album that tells the story of a journey from rejection to belonging. Directions Home begins with the angst of adolescence, growing the through the stages of maturation, through love and loss, and arriving home. The album expresses a wide range of emotions through shifts in instrumentation and poetic lyrics. Featuring straight ahead rock numbers, minimalist acoustic tunes, and evocative instrumentals, Directions Home showcases Sorenson’s diverse songwriting styles.

A winner of the 2017 winter edition of theToronto Open Mic Festival, Eric performs regularly solo as well as in his two groups, Mangosteen Handbook and The Space Between. For the past several years Eric has been hosting open mics and songwriting workshops as a way to hone his writing and performance skills. Having played local venues including The Opera House, The Cameron House, and his own house, as well as festivals like Canadian Music Week and NXNE, Eric looks forward to releasing his debut album Directions Home later this year.

For live show listings and more please visit www.G3NERIC.com/live-shows